Transformational Critical Thinking. An holistic approach for personal growth.

Don’t follow the North, learn to think like a Guru and build your own 

destiny compass.

Henry Ford said in an interview with Fay Leone: “Thinking is the hardest job. Perhaps this is the reason why there are so few people who practice it”. There is no leadership without tough thought.

According to the Payscale Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report study of 2016 up to 60% of new employees have a lack of Critical Thinking skills and however according to The Jobs Reset Summit of The World Economic Forum today Critical Thinking it’s the fourth most demanded soft skills by firms around the world.

Thinking is a faculty of mind that everybody has to manage uncertainty in life. It's a mechanism to survive and avoid surprises that can be dangerous for us. Learning Critical Thinking is evolving from spontaneous thinking to effective thinking based on a methodology capable of anticipating problems through constant doubt and deconstructive criticism.

For example, if you are in a wild forest and suddenly appear a Lion in front of you, your spontaneous thinking probably will make the decision to run, but is the worst thing you can do. If you practice Critical Thinking, you can ask yourself in advance if you can be able to survive a situation with a Lion and you can learn what to do: don't panic, see him in the eyes, rise your arms making noise and then probably you shall avoid an attack from the beast.

Critical Thinking it's a necessary task both on a personal and professional level. Nowadays we see many organizations that hire people proficient of analyzing and solving problems with their own criteria specifically in times of Artificial Intelligence which is able to perform some tasks better than humans. On a personal level it’s also evident that in the fake news times it’s really urgent to improve our capacity of reasoning and decision-making based on Critical Thinking.

My proposal of a Transformational Critical Thinking goes one step further beyond standard Critical Thinking. Not only wants to anticipating problems and help us to make optimal decisions, but also it could transform us to be a better human being using the full potential of our cognitive and emotional intelligence to achieve our objectives in life and to help others to achieve it. Transformational Critical Thinking it's a new holistic approach that add to the standard ways of reasoning other methods like self-coaching, ethics, creativity and meaning.

This has two basic benefits especially when we make a bad decision having validate all the data available: (a) when we made our own decisions following a method of reasoning, we are ready to learn from the mistakes; and (b) we are more prepared to deal with frustration and we can activate spontaneously the necessary resilience to overcome the consequences of the bad decisions.

Transformational Critical Thinking is based on my 10 Forces System which goes far beyond the approach of reskilling and upskilling people on logical reasoning as claimed by the pedagogical and philosophical tradition that emerged from John Dewey. The System pushing you out of your comfort zone and allows you to thinking out of the box opposing the positive forces of the Critical Thinking to the counter forces that maintain you in the box.

The first phase of the System talks about the forces of the Critical Path, the self-coaching moment where we define the origin and destination of the transformation journey to develop a project or a specific goal:

1 - Reflexivity (Where we are?)
2 - Entrepreneurship (Where we go?)

The second phase represents forces of the Critical Intelligence, the toolbox to get out of the box that is composed by the 6 main forces of Critical Thinking:

3 - Doubt (What are the dogmas?)
4 - Critique (What is the problem?)
5 - Dialogue (What do others say?)
6 - Reasoning (The solution is coherent?)
7 - Understanding (The solution is understandable?)
8 - Feeling (What is the purpose?)

The third phase constitutes the forces of the Critical Action, the moment to take the optimal decision:

 9 - Innovation (What are the options?)
10 - Action (What is the best option?)

If can’t be thought it can’t be done.

The three phases build a journey of transformation based on Critical Thinking. When each method is used in a precise progression allows us to develop an entrepreneurial project where our entire being is involved. Optimal decision-making will bring us closer than any other faculty of the mind to spiritual and material enrichment as well as happiness.

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